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Sprinter 2000 S.A. is a Romanian company founded in 1994 that developed to take a leading place among the marketing and distribution companies from Romania.

Specialized in selling energy and lighting sources, Sprinter 2000 established itself in Romanian market through the distribution of some of the most well-known brands worldwide – Varta, Saft, Steco, Rayovac and Osram. Starting with the year 2000, to the brand portofolio were added Sprinter’s private labels: Foton, Escape and Sprinter.

In the same year, Sprinter 2000 develops a production capacity for two-way radio battery packs, and in 2003 started the production of ESCAPE emergency lighting systems with LED.

Starting with 2002, Sprinter 2000 implements the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. Subsequently, it also obtains the ceertification for ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

Currently, the company serves more than 3500 customers across the country. The continuous development of the company required the structuring of the sales activity in 2003 into three divisions – DISTRIBUTION, KEY ACCOUNT AND INDUSTRIAL/OEM – depending on the target customers.

This structure ensures an improved customer service.

The success is provided by the Sprinter 2000 team.


With the solutions and services we offer, we aim to create the premises for a trusting climate and satisfied customers

Our customers work in different areas and have specific needs; this is why our MISSION is to advise our clients by offering assistance, solutions and personalized services with the help of a team with extensive experience.


  • Partnership: we share in the success of our business partners through the long-term commitments we undertake with them.
  • High Quality for products and services: is the main value we referred to when we built and developed the business.
  • Fairness: we looked for this value in people whose destiny intersected with those of the company.
  • Professionalism: is another value we want to refer to. Through our actions, we want to become a reference in the autonomous energy market.
  • Adaptability: is the quality of constantly reinventing ourselves so that we are up to date with expectations of our clients but also with the evolution of the fields in which we operate.
  • Continuity: the more than over 25 years in the same field are our business card that we want to reconfirm in the relantionship with our clients. 

The development of long-term partnerships by perpetuating the same values, by keeping the same principles both in the relationship with clients and suppliers.

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