Sprinter 2000 SA is a Romanian company founded in 1994 in Brasov, specialized in the distribution of primary and rechargeable batteries, electrical power systems (accumulators, chargers, inverters, UPS and generators), professional flashlights (ATEX, tactical, submersible), hobby flashlights, means of urban mobility (scooters and electric bikes) and a wide range of products for vehicle maintenance. Our company also produces emergency lighting systems, batteries for two-way radio stations, as well as various batteries and accumulators assemblies according to our clients’ specifications.

We ensure the national distribution of some of the most important brands – Varta, Saft, Arts, Rayovac, Peli™, Wolf, Brunox, Salicru, IPS, Hoppecke, DHC and our own brand Foton, Escape and Sprinter.

The products in our portofoliu can be purchased directly from our online store.

Field of work

  • Production: emergency lighting systems, batteries for two-way radio stations.

  • Distribution: primary and rechargeable batteries, generators, UPS, chargers and inverters for industrial applications, professional flashlights (ATEX, tactical, submersible) and hobby flashlights, vehicle accesories, means of urban mobility (scooters and electric bikes).

  • Services: design and assembly for industrial DC (direct current) power supply systems, diagnosis and maintenance for rechargeable batteries in power supply systems.


The Sprinter Distribution selling force is divided into:

Traditional Distribution division

Clients: specialized stores (car parts, electric, chemical metal, IT, sport – tourism, hunting and fishing) and universal stores.

Key account Distribution division

Clients: hypermarket network, Cash&Carry network, DIY stores, car dealerships and gas stations.

Professional consumers Distribution divions

Clients: final consumers from all business sectors (industrial, agriculture, transport and logistics), military, governmental etc.

Online Trade Division

Company structure

Clients: online stores.

Our Main


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